Winn, MI




This is a list of breeding planned for 2017.  Dates of breeding and approx. Date of birth listed.

Sugar Moon Bryony X Susurrare Salix R Bard Milton (Bred 9/19/16 Due Feb 11, 2017) Born Feb 9, 2017. Two Does (swiss white and chocolate with small white poll) and a Buck (Swiss with most white poll)  All Sold/Retained

Triplet 2 doe 1 buck

Sugar Moon Cher Amia 3*M X Rez Ridge JU Farm Boy (born May 4, 2017) Repeat Breeding! Last two breedings produced several show winners, including our very own Alejandro! Two Bucks available.

Hundeholz (no name) $400

Hundeholz Hood Flying Goddess/Retained

Hundeholz (no name) $250 buck/ $100wether

Sugar Moon Thimbleberry1*M x The HH Alejandro Born 3/12/17 One Large Buckskin Buckling. Sold to Stolen Willow Farm

Fairland Farms AD H Katrina x Susurrare Salix R Bard Milton Born 3/19/17 One single Buckling. Sold

Rez Ridge Psalms Song (Blue eyes)  x Rez Ridge JU Farm Boy(Blue eyes) Born 3/12/17 Three black and white doelings! One retained, Others sold to Stolen Willow Farm.

Hundeholz Two Tone Blinker

Hundeholz Bent Antenna

Hundeholz Fender Flare

JBF N Ruth1*M x The HH Alejandro (Bred 11/29/16 Due April 23, 2017)

Hundeholz Dotted Shadow x Susurrare Salix R Bard Milton (Bred 1/28/17 Due June 22, 2017)

Hundeholz B-2 x Susurrare Salix R Bard Milton (Bred 1/31/17 Due June 25, 2017)