Winn, MI


For Sale

For Sale

                                                                                              SENIOR DOES 

Fairland Farm AD H Katrina $200

DOB: 04/10/2012


Sire: Kaapio Acres AN Adonis

Dam: Fairland Farm H Stormy Weather

Great Mother! Excellent personality, OK milker, being sold as pet/breeder

The Crescent Moon (For Sale-Pet Only)- $100

Born: 03/28/2015

Tan With White Overlay

Sire: Hanna Hill Farm SP River Rush

Dam: Fairland Farm AD H Katrina

Never been bred, very friendly. Would make great pet.  Being sold as a pet due to veterinarian recommendations to not breed. Available without papers, as pet only.

Junior Does/Doelings

Born: June 17, 2017

Sire: Susurrare Salix R Bard Milton

ss: Flat Rock's HP Rchardlionheart

sd:Flat Rock's Bardic Rose 1*M

Dam: Hundeholz Dotted Shadow

ds: Rez Ridge JU Farm Boy

dd: Sugar Moon O Parody

Two Doelings (Black with Blue eyes and Wadddles & Black and White with brown eyes) $350 each


Hundeholz Dirty Tie Rod- Black swiss with moon spot $400

Born: May 4, 2017

Sire: Rez Ridge JU Farm Boy

     ss: Little Tots Estates CJ Judah *B

     sd: Kaapio Acres TW Bam Boo

Dam: Sugar Moon Cher Amia 3*M 

     ds: NC Promisedland Z Shuffle *B

     dd: SGCH NC Promisedland Jam-Beau-Laya 2*M AR 2007


Sire: Rez Ridge JU Farm Boy
Hundeholz (no name yet) Chocolate Buckskin $250/$100 as wether
Sire:The HH Alejandro

Hundeholz Loose Lug Nut  $475

Born: April 23, 2017

Buckskin with White overlay

Sire: The HH Alejandro

     ss: Rez Ridge JU Farm Boy

     sd: Sugar Moon Cher Amia

Dam: JBF N Ruth 1*M  AR 2017

     ds: Critter Croft Acres Neptune

     dd: AGS JBF Honky Tonk Cowgirl

Dam Udder

Sire Udder