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Hundeholz Tamagotchi

tommie intermediate kid_edited.jpg

Hundeholz Tamagotchi

Born: 01/28/2023

Black with white and blue eyes


Sire: Hundeholz Cinnamon Roll*B

     SS: GCH The HH Alejandro +*B

     SD: Hundeholz Poppin the Clutch 2*M VVEE90

                                                      Best Udder in Show '23'


Dam: Hundeholz Nightshade 2*M 1000#

     DS: SG Sugar Moon Thimbleberry 1*M 1000# VEVE90-7yr

     DD: Susurrare Salix R Bard Milton +*B


 Placed well in several shows in 2023



nightshade 4 yr 2 f rear.jpg
Nightshade 4 yr 2 f side.jpg
nightshade cap 4 yr 2 f.jpg


DHIR Information

      Year           Age     DIM       #       %bf   #bf   %pro   #pro


Linear Apprasial


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