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Hundeholz Cream Cheese 3*M AR


Milked Out*

Hundeholz Cream Cheese 3*M AR GGGG84 FF

Born: 12/06/2020

Chocolate Swiss

  21 1/4"

Sire: Hundeholz Wolf's Bane *B

     SS: Susurrare Salix R Bard Milton +*B

     SD: SG Sugar Moon Thimbleberry 1*M

                                    1000# VEVE90-7yr


Dam: SG Sugar Moon Bryony 5*M AR1200#


    DS: SG NC Promisedland RC Odyssey+*B 

    DD: SG Sugar Moon Ara-Bella 4*M AR



This very milky FF milked an amazing extended lactation. She would probably have kept it up if she was not bred. She is solid and dependable. 

cream rear.jpg
cream side.jpg

4yr, 2F

DHIR Information

      Year           Age     DIM       #       %bf   #bf   %pro   #pro

 2023 twins     1-05     305      802     6.1    49      4.2      34

 2023 ext                     474     1287    6.3    81      4.4      56


Linear Apprasial

2023   FF             GGGG84

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