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Hundeholz It's Not Snowflake 2*M AR 1000#

snow reserve_edited.jpg

Milked Out*

Hundeholz It's Not Snowflake 2*M 1000# CLUB

Born: 2/2/2019

Chocolate Swiss


Sire: Hundeholz Wolf's Bane *B 

    SS: Susurrare Salix R Bard Milton +*B

    SD: SG Sugar Moon Thimbleberry 1*M 1000#


Dam: SG JBF N Ruth 1*M 1000#

    DS: Critter Croft Acres Neptune

    DD: AGS JBF Honky Tonk Cowgirl


Snow rocked it out as a Yearling FF in the ring, placing top of her class at almost every show. She also easily made her AR as a FF. She continued on as a 2yr old 2F repeating the show placings, and she milked over 1000# during her second lactation. She was not bred as a 3 yr old, but we are expecting her to rock it out as a 4 yr old.  

snow 2f.jpg
snow 2f side.jpg
snow 2f cap.jpg

4yr, 2F

DHIR Information

      Year           Age     DIM       #       %bf   #bf   %pro   #pro

 2021 twins     1-01     289     740      6.6     49     4.2      31

 2022 triplets   2-01    305    1014      6.7     68     4.2     43

2022 extended           419    1309      7.0     91     4.4     58



Linear Apprasial

2022   FF              +VEV87

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