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Hundeholz Tea and Biscuits 4*M AR

bisquit grand_edited.jpg

Milked Out*

Hundeholz Tea and Biscuits 4*M AR GVGE86 FF

Born: 02/13/2021


   19 3/4"

Sire: CuatLilRedBarn Dust Ball

     SS: CH CuatLilRed Barn Fred

     SD: SGCH CuatLilRedBarn Dust Bunny 4*M


Dam: Hundeholz Sparkler 3*M GVEE88

    DS: Farm Oldesouth WP Road Trip *+B 

    DD: Hundeholz Poppin the Clutch 2*M 1000#

                               VVEE90 Best Udder In Show



This amazing FF really raised the bar! Only FF in our herd to score an E in mammary. This girl has placed first 2 yr old in her class at almost every ring she walks into. We are excited to have this mammary in our herd! 

2022 Williams County- GCH Jr. Doe

2023 Illini Dairy Goat Show- GCH Sr. Doe

DHIR Information

      Year           Age     DIM       #       %bf   #bf   %pro   #pro

 2023 twins     2-00     178      662     5.4    36      4.1      27


Linear Apprasial

2023   FF             GVGE86

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